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The GOP needs Tony Stark

Think of the last movie you saw that featured a major environmental catastrophe due to global warming, or the fight against those who would destroy a forest or a river.

How about one in which the cosmopolitan protagonist can’t decide whether to sleep with Vince or Vinny, and realizes wait–she can have both.

Or perhaps a sci-fi thriller featuring the perfect green energy source?

Or a TV father who openly encourages and commiserates with his son’s ubiquitous presence in the local bars, and the search for a new woman each weekend?

A few days ago I had a quick Twitter exchange with Chris Loesch, husband to Dana Loesch of The Dana Show. Chris wrote and produced the music for the recently released and quite deliciously poignant documentary Hating Breitbart. The exchange was sparked by his statement that we conservatives need to drastically improve our art.