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Journey to a New Land

The Obama campaign as an explorer’s ship.

We were sailing to the lowlands.  The journey had been long, almost four years, and many of my crew, including four boatswains, had already jumped overboard for despair of our situation and defense of their honor.  If they perished, they said, they wished to do so on their own terms.  Some said it was my overbearing nature, that I was a harsh, uncompromising captain.  I disagreed.

We sailed on a cutter called Stephanie.  I wish I could say she bore us true, but her masts were rickety and we had to constantly readjust for the winds.  The crew worked hard day and night to tighten axles and rods and stay the sails.  Yet we still could not keep a course.

My first mate had gone completely mad, raving about chains and merchants with strange accents.  I had the crew lock him in the brig for his own safety, and ours.  Some said they had seen him drinking from the sea; others claimed it was just his advanced age.